About Us

The Press

Founded in early 2007, our mission—if you'll pardon the grandiose expression—is to publish books of high quality, in terms of both content and form, more or less regardless of topic or domain. The traditional publishing model doesn't necessarily select manuscripts by intrinsic merit, but rather by a combination of merit and marketability. Thus, many books that merit publication, but don't have adequate sales projections, fail to find a publisher; while many books that follow tried-and-true formulae make it into print, regardless of merit.

Conventional publishers are welcome to the second of these categories; we will try to find manuscripts that would be published in a perfect world, where sales take second or third place to intrinsic value. We are not actively soliciting manuscripts at this time, but relying on networks—and a bit of luck—to find what we believe are diamonds in the rough.

The People

Jon Pastor

General Editor, Designer, Digital Production & Marketing

Jon has been involved in digital document production, including digital typography and imaging, for over ten years, with books, booklets, poetry chapbooks, web sites, and a variety of other publications under his belt.

He is also a photographer, master printer, and specialist in fine art reproduction. See his website, JPastorPhotoGraphics.com, for details.

Meg Kennedy

Arts & Poetry Editor, Designer, Analog Production & Marketing

Meg has been involved in publishing for almost thirty years, with broad experience in academic publishing, marketing, and sales. She is by training a poet, and has broadened her vistas from the written arts to become an award-winning calligrapher and book artist. She is the co-author, with fellow poet Liz Abrams-Morley, of our publication, Building a Book, Binding a Poem: Artist's Books in the Classroom.

Visit her website, BookArts.com, for details.